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Infographics on Patent Filing Trends in India for 2018-19

This infographic gives you a snapshot of key applicants, attorneys, sources and industries for all patents filed and granted in India during the last fiscal year, based on data from PatSeer Patent Search Software. It also compares the trends with FY16–17. Notable companies with higher quality patent filings as measured by PatSeer 360 quality score […]

Patent Landscape Report on Blockchain by PatSeer Pro

Using Patseer to Search & Analyze Patents on Blockchain This patent landscape report on Blockchain takes a look at the Intellectual property trends and filings being done by companies and institutions active in this technology area. All charts and analysis in this report have been prepared using PatSeer Pro. This report analyzes research trends of […]

Patent Landscape Report on Autonomous Car-Control Mechanism/Driverless-Car

Introduction This patent landscape report categorizes and graphically analyzes research trends around the mechanisms, anti-collision system and braking technologies used by a driverless car from various perspectives and highlights the key companies involved. IP Analysis This Patent Landscape/Analysis Report on Autonomous Car-Control Mechanism / Driverless car will showcase the filing trend, top companies, research activity […]

Patent Landscape Report on Biochips

Introduction This blog categorizes and graphically analyzes biochips from various perspectives such as the fabrication techniques, methods involved, biochip types and applications and highlights the key companies involved. IP Analysis This Patent Landscape/Analysis Report on Biochips will showcase the publication trend,  top companies, research activity around the world, company activity across application, biochip types vs […]

Patent Landscape Report on Shape Memory Material – Polymer and Alloy

Introduction This blog takes a look into the patenting activity around shape memory material uncovering the companies, inventors, and key applications. A shape-memory alloy (SMA, smart metal, memory metal, memory alloy, muscle wire, smart alloy) is an alloy that “remembers” its original shape and that when deformed returns to its pre-deformed shape when heated. Similarly […]