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Technology insight report: Contact lens

Introduction: Contact lens is considered as a medical device that is worn to correct vision. They are also used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. When compared with spectacles, contact lenses typically provide better peripheral vision and do not collect moisture such as rain, snow, condensation or sweat. Contact lenses can be classified in many different […]

Key features of Patent analysis tools Part 2

There are certain key features that every patent analysis tools must possess to deliver holistic results for any Intellectual Property and Data Management firm. In the previous blog post we covered certain features like patent text mining function, analytical capabilities and search functionality which play a crucial role in providing holistic delivery and intelligence information […]

Key features of Patent Analysis Tool Part 1

Patent analysis tools are developed to provide holistic delivery information and intelligence around patents. They are mostly distinguished in terms of their features and delivery capabilities. In an Intellectual Property and Data Management organization if you are looking for a particular Patent tool to serve the purpose of your organization then ideally what should you […]

Technology landscape: Nanofabrics

Nano fibers are defined as fibers with diameter less than 100 nanometres. They are basically small group of atom and molecules with radius of less than 100 nano meters. Particles on the nano scale have a very high surface area to volume ratio, whereas this ratio is much lower for objects on the macroscopic scale. […]

Patent Landscaping -3D printing

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects of any shape from an existing digital model.  The additive process of 3D printing indicates successive layers of material laid upon each other to form the desired shape. 3D printing is quite a refreshing change from the traditional machining technique which […]

5 big data software solution trends in Intellectual Property management

Big data has the potential to improve the quality of business decisions by enabling text and data mining of vast amounts of data and delivering actionable insights which in the domain of Intellectual Property management is invaluable. Big data software solutions has created waves in the technology circles with discussions around it’s applications to commerce, […]

Data Extraction for Intellectual Property management

Data extraction is the process of exporting data from search set or work files for usage in other applications used in Intellectual property management. The custom patents and data extraction service of Gridlogics enables our clients to leverage their patent research in two entirely new dimensions. 1)      Data extraction equips organizations to share a summary […]

Customization of Patent iNSIGHT Pro for seamless patent research & analysis workflows.

Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a comprehensive patent analysis platform we launched in 2006 which allows users to accelerate their processes in patent analysis and scientific literature research. Designed with advanced text mining algorithms it brings out data insights in minutes which would have otherwise taken days for researchers.  Designed with inputs from leaders in patent […]

Automated Machine Translation of Patents & IP Data Vs Technical Translation Services

The volume of patent data most enterprise patent and intellectual property research teams work with is significantly large. There is significant need for organizations working across geographical borders to get their patent data translated into regional languages during cross country trade or in situation of legal pursuits or disputes in court of different nation or […]