Data Extraction for Intellectual Property management

Data extraction is the process of exporting data from search set or work files for usage in other applications used in Intellectual property management. The custom patents and data extraction service of Gridlogics enables our clients to leverage their patent research in two entirely new dimensions.

1)      Data extraction equips organizations to share a summary of their finding with concerned authorities, patent researchers or amongst different wings of the same organization.

2)      It also enables incorporation of research results into spreadsheets and presentations for future reference.

Data extraction enables exporting of patent data in formats designed for popular applications in addition to exporting to Microsoft Excel. Data Extracts can also be made available in XML format to be used in custom applications.

In case of data being exported in Microsoft Excel, Text Editor or any other similar programme one can have complete control over the data that is being exported. The major functionalities can be tabulated as:

1)      Any combination of over 50 bibliographic, full –text patent data fields to be exported

2)      One can decide upon the order in which fields are exported

3)      There is freedom to export one data item per field or all data items together in a single field.

For XML, one can choose to download the full text of patents or just the bibliographic fields — and can choose to download all the data in one file or download one file per patent. In the past Gridlogics has worked with multiple organizations in the domain of Intellectual Property and helped them with data extraction, analysis and translation.