Decoding IBM’s acquisition of Turbonomic by IBM from a patent perspective

Turbonomic, an IT Virtualisation and Cloud optimisation company, was acquired by #IBM in June 2021.

Let’s find out how strong was Turbonomic’s technology and decode the causes behind the acquisition. PatSeer’s qualitative scores help in deciding the true value of intangible assets. Here, we will discuss these quality scores and how they can help in taking important business decisions. Let’s try to decode the acquisition of #Turbonomic by IBM using #PatSeer’s portfolio ranking and quality metrics

Creating Search Query and obtaining Patents

We decided to do a quick and efficient analysis of the #patents in the virtualisation and cloud resource optimisation technology space. CPC classes where Turbonomic patents were filed were used and combined to create a search query.
After some analysis, we used the following query – CPC:(G06F9/455$ or G06F9/5077 or G06Q10/06315 or G06F9/5011). Patent families filed in the last 10 years, with a US filing only were considered for the search as US is important zone for most software patents. The query resulted in around 18.5K simple families (SFAM).

Analysing Companies by Portfolio Quality

PatSeer Pro X – Quality vs Quantity analysis chart was plotted. Companies were selected based on their portfolio value index. The chart shows that Turbonomic has high portfolio quality even if its portfolio size is small and it is a strong challenger.

Patent portfolio quality

Analyzing the Innovation Potential of Turbonomic

Originality vs. generality chart of PatSeer Pro X indicates the innovation potential of portfolio. High innovation portfolios lie in top right quadrant, and they have multiple avenues for economic realisation. Companies like Turbonomic Inc, Advanced New Technology Co Ltd, Atlassian Corp PLC fall under the ‘highly innovative, high economic potential’ quadrant.

Summarizing the Analysis Results

Turbonomic’s patents are a strong challenger in the Virtualisation space as seen clearly by quality metrics of PatSeer Pro X. Turbonomic’s technologies were high on #patentportfolio quality and innovativeness. This caught the attention of IBM and resulted in the acquisition to increase its investments in the virtualisation space.

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