Gridlogics Organized Annual Cricket Tournament for Employees

Team spirit is about people feeling invested in reaching a goal together and supporting each other. To instill the same, Gridlogics organized a cricket tournament on 1st February, 2020 which witnessed enthusiastic participation across different functions.

It was the perfect team building environment for our employees. Healthy competition and friendly forces coming together bring our workforce together like no other. Beyond entertainment, ‘Gridlogics Cricket Tournament’ had become a great means of interaction, communication, and team spirit amongst employees.

The first-ever cricket tournament, featured 6 teams consisting of employees from various functions — from software developers to support and testers, Sales and marketers, Research and Data team, HR, IT and Admin operations . The final match of the tournament was played between Victory 6 and Ultra Mild, captained by Sourabh Paul and Rahul Dubey respectively. Victory 6 clinched the coveted title to be the first Gridlogics Cricket Tournament winner.