How to design an IP-driven Early Warning System for your organization

Early warning system (EWS) is an important activity in the overall competitive intelligence (CI) process. The workflow involves deciding an area of interest, monitoring the technology area by setting up alerts, periodic evaluation of alerts by subject matter experts and maintaining an up-to-date dataset against each technology area.

What is an IP-driven Early Warning System?

Early warning system (EWS) is a subset of the overall competitive intelligence (CI) activities in an organisation. As the name implies, the system acts as an advance warning to the R&D and management about lurking IP treats.

The first step towards setting up an EWS is discussing with all the necessary stakeholders from R&D and management and deciding upon the technology areas you want to monitor. For each technology area, you need to designate one or more subject matter experts who will be able to provide the necessary guidance on any patent filing in that area.

Once you have the teams in place, the next step is to create the necessary search strategies for each technology area. The existing patent dataset against the search should be checked for relevance by the subject matter expert and this will help in refining your search strategy. Once the search is final, you can set up alerts against each technology area. The alert frequency is usually weekly for this process.

Periodic evaluation of the alerts by the subject matter experts – Usually, the alerts are configured to be directly delivered to the subject matter experts.. The IP team involved in setting up alerts must however have oversight of the process in order to ensure that the alerts are actually being evaluated in the designated timeframes.

For other competitive intelligence activities, you can also retain the work done in EWS to create and manage relevant datasets and build technology intelligence dashboards over them.

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