Leveraging IP to identify new players challenging the norm in smart eyewear technology

Smart eyewear technology


Smart eyewear combines imaging and wireless connectivity in eyewear. The technology collects information when individuals view objects by using sensors. It is capable of controlling or recovering data from other instruments or computers and can be powered by speech, touch or thoughts.

Therefore, to get a general impression of new entrants in this space, we conducted a study with PatSeer. Thus, the final search query revealed 2000+ patent families for smart eyewear. More specifically, we learned that the top players in this field are Snap, Meta Platforms, Samsung Group, Bose Corporation, and Luxottica Group.

Analysis of New Entrants

We’ve identified top assignees which are new in the last 4–5 years.

  • Solos Tech Ltd
  • Xian Realtech Industry
  • Korea Elect & Telecom
  • Goolton Tech Co Ltd.
  • Iflytek Co Ltd.
  • Kay Vision Inc.

To further understand the types of patents filed by these companies, we classified them broadly into 3 categories, namely:

  • Audio Glasses — They look like conventional glasses or sunglasses. They have sensors and speakers behind your ears from which they can send audio/music using a Bluetooth connection on your smartphone.
  • Social Glasses — They feature a pair of speakers and cameras located around the lenses. You can listen to music, answer phone calls as well as capture photos and videos with these glasses.
  • Smart Assisted Reality Glasses — Assisted Reality (AR) glasses have the same features as the aforementioned types of glasses. Apart from those capabilities, these glasses can deliver information in real-time for navigation, incoming phone calls, text messages or visual search results like weather conditions.Patents filed in smart eye technology

    We have highlighted the new players who could challenge the currently leading companies such as Bose, Snap, Samsung, and Meta Platforms with their research and innovation in this space.

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