Using Patseer Pro to Search & Analyze Patents on Contactless Payments

Patent Landscape Report on Contactless Payments by PatSeer Pro

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay. Recent rise in contactless payments shows that consumers are increasingly viewing contactless payments as an alternative to using cash or traditional credit/debit cards. This Patent Landscape Report takes a look at the Intellectual property trends and filings being done by companies and institutions active in this technology area.

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Invention Activity

The chart below shows number of application filed and grants given for contactless payments in the last decade. The chart was generated on overall records (5384 Records).

The filing trend indicates a gradual increase in number of applications being filed after 2010. Maximum number of patent applications (471) taking/having priority were filed during 2015.

Patent Landscape Report Contactless Payments PatSeer Pro

Technology landscape for Contactless Payments

The landscape map below represents key concepts for different companies generated across title, abstract and claims. Themes are collection of prominent topics extracted from the patent data and grouped under relevant parent tags.

Clusters for payment amount or QR code and transaction terminal device are together as both the clusters are relating to a transaction provider terminal and there is high degree of relevance with respect to the text.

Patent Landscape Report_contactlessPayments_Top10_Themes

Top Companies

The chart below represents top companies active in contactless payment technology and the number of inventions they have in this space.

Patent landscape Report Contactless Payment Top Companies

Research activity around the world

The below map represents the geographical filing relating to Contactless Payments. The map helps provide an indication of where innovation in this area is originating.

United States is the leading country in this field with 1162 families followed by Korea (532) and China (463). The strength of the coloring represents the proportion of patent applications.

Patent landscape Report Contactless Payment Reserach Activity Around World

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  • Invention Activity
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  • Research Activity Around The World
  • Trend For Various Application Over The Last 20 Years
  • Companies Across Different Types Of Applications
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  • Companies Across Different Protocols For Contactless Payments
  • Companies Across Different Technologies
  • Companies Across Different Payment Transaction Models
  • Applications Across Different Types Of Technologies
  • Where Are Research Teams Of Top Companies Based Their Technology Focus
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  • Technology Landscape For Contactless Payments
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