Patent Filing Rises in India

Texas instruments, one of the largest chip makers in the world has seen a dramatic shift in the patent filing from their Indian R&D Offices. Since 1985, the Bangalore office in India, has filed over 500 patents. Another chip maker – NXP Semiconductors, also seems to have a similar story.

Patent Application filed by Indian Firms has grown annually by about 20% to about 35,000 applications in 2007-2008. (Source)

Writing a patent application is not a day’s work. In fact it’s almost as detailed and as complex as a legal contract. While the country is filing patents by the dozen, this could be one of the biggest opportunities for IP and legal processing centers to look inwards and drive revenues from servicing US Based technology giants with Indian offshore R&D Centers like Texas Instruments.

As patent filing continues to soar, so will legal implications and infringements. Courts will begin to get burdened by open cases and hard ruling judgments. The next decade should see exponential growth in business opportunities for services in the legal and IP verticals.