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This patent landscape report on Blockchain takes a look at the Intellectual property trends and filings being done by companies and institutions active in this technology area. All charts and analysis in this report have been prepared using PatSeer Pro.

This report analyzes research trends of blockchain with a focus on Constructive Technologies, Common Standards, Protocols, Cryptographic Methods and Applications.

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Filing Trends

The chart below shows number of filings for Blockchain during the last 10 years. Trend analysis based on filing of priority application indicates a gradual increase in number of applications being filed. Maximum number of patent applications (191) taking/having priority were filed during 2014.

A sudden rise in patent filing activity in the domain of blockchain during years 2013-14 indicates widespread interest in the given technology domain.

It’s clear the current activity around these technologies is likely to continue seeing more innovation in the near future.


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Top Companies

The chart below represents top companies active in blockchain technology, with a single representation from each family.


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Research activity around the world

The below map represents the geographical filing relating to Blockchain. The map helps provide an indication of where innovation in this area is originating.

United States is the leading country in this field with 409 families followed by China (251) and Korea (120). The strength of the coloring represents the proportion of patent applications

Research Activity around the world Blockchain


Technology Landscape for Blockchain

The patent landscape map below represents key concepts for different companies across generated across title, abstract and claims. Themes are collection of prominent topics extracted from the patent data and grouped under relevant parent tags.

Clusters for Signature, Public Key, Private Key and Card Purchase Structure are close to each other as there is high degree of relevance between the records present in those types of methods


Report Includes

  • Correlation Map for top companies across different Themes
  • Inventor groups of key companies in Blockchain
  • Citations for Bitcoin
  • Key Company Analysis
  • Key Companies activity across Applications
  • Key Companies activity across Common Standards
  • Summary

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