Using PatSeer to Search and Analyze Patents on Communication and Path Prediction Systems for Autonomous Vehicles (AV-CPPS)

The Patent Landscape Report on Communication and Path Prediction Systems for Autonomous Vehicles (AV-CPPS) discusses the development in the Automobile Industry’s Autonomous Vehicles sector with the development of the ICT industry in this 21st century or presents a competitive landscape focusing on the communication and path prediction systems used in Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Industry

This report is based on search strategy around the communication and path prediction aspects of Autonomous Vehicles. The main intention of this searching is identifying important inventions, as well as the scope of current research activities and technical areas in which the inventions are being filed. Using PatSeer, we searched individual publications and then collapsed them to one member per Invention (Simple Families). The publications included in the report are updated as of January 2021.

Innovation Trends

While analyzing patenting trends of last 10 years we can see that, with parallel development in software, telecommunication and sensor technology since 2005 its implications can be seen in automobile industry.

Autonomous Vehicle - innovation Trends

Research Activity around the World

The chart shows the analysis of the top applicant countries show the dominance of China, Japan, USA, Germany, and Korea.

Autonomous Vehicle - Research Activity around the world

Table of Content

  • Introduction and Background
  • Filing Trends for AV-CPPS
    • Innovation Trends
    • Pace of Innovation
    • Prominent Inventor Country
    • Patent Filing Trends
  • Research Landscape for AV-CPPS
    • Research Activity Around The World
    • Top Research Areas by CPC Classification
    • Prominent Technical Areas – Automatically generated
    • Prominent Technical Areas – Manually Categorized
    • Industries across which AV-CPPS records fall into
  • Company Trends for AV-CPPS (Quantitative)
    • Company Innovation TimeLine
    • Companies across Communication System Technologies
    • Companies across methods for Path Prediction and Tracking
    • Companies across Signal Processing and Diagnosis
    • Companies across Battery Related Applications
    • Companies portfolios in AV-CPPS and their Industry mappings
  • Portfolio Analysis-Key Companies for AV-CPPS (Qualitative)
    • Most Valuable Portfolios
    • Top Companies (Leaders, Chellengers and Visionaries)
    • Emerging Companies / New Entrants
  • Other Insights
    • Records with Maximum Backward Citations
    • Records with Maximum Forward Citations
    • Records with maximum Non-Patent Literature References Cited
    • Industry Wise Key Statistics Report (AV-CPPS)
    • Standard Essential Patents for Communication and Path Prediction Systems of Autonomous Vehicles
    • Citation Analysis – US9494937
    • Citation Analysis – US7912628
    • Citation Analysis – US7979172
    • Citation Analysis – US6859148
    • Prominent Autonomous Vehicle Projects and Partnerships
    • Notable Mergers
    • Prominent Startups
  • Summary

To view the complete report visit – Patent Landscape Report on Communication and Path Prediction Systems for Autonomous Vehicles (AV-CPPS)