Patent Landscape Report on Precision Farming Tools


This Competitive landscape report on Precision Farming Tools focuses on active players in the industry, patent filing trends, popular technologies, valuable portfolios strategic imperatives, qualitative analysis and commercial developments around smart farming.

This report is based on search strategy around the Precision Farming technologies. The main intention of this searching is identifying popular technologies, as well as the scope of current research activities. Patent filings on precision farming tools were searched, retrieved, and analysed on PatSeer.


Precision Farming is also known as Satellite Farming or Site Specific Crop Management (SSCM) is a theory for sustainable farm management. Use of this concept can make farming more efficient by using lesser resources but increasing the yield and profit

Some of the major tools of precision farming may include:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Variable Rate Technology

Innovation Trends

While analyzing patenting trends of last 15 years we can see that, highest number of patent application filed in 2018 (1834 patent applications)


Research Activity around the World

The chart shows the analysis of the top applicant countries show the China is the leading country followed by USA, and Korea.

Research Activity - Precision Farming tools

Table of Content

  • Introduction and Background
  • Filing Trends for Precision Farming Tools
    • Innovation Trends
    • Pace of Innovation
    • Trends for Various Precision Farming Tools Over the Last 15 Year
    • Prominent Inventor Country
    • Patent Filing Trends
  • Research Landscape for Precision Farming Tools
    • Research Activity Around The World
    • Top Research Areas by CPC Classification
    • Prominent Technical Areas – Automatically generated
    • Prominent Technical Areas – Manually Categorized
    • Industries across which Precision Farming Tool records fall into
  • Company Trends for Precision Farming Tools (Quantitative)
    • Company Innovation TimeLine
    • Companies V/S Technical Segmentation
    • Companies across Various Sensors
    • Companies across Signal Processing and Diagnosis
    • Companies across Battery Related Applications
    • Inventor Group of Top Applicants for Precision Farming
  • Portfolio Analysis – Key Companies for Precision Farming Tools (Qualitative)
    • Most Valuable Portfolios
    • Top Companies (Leaders, Challengers and Visionaries)
    • Companies and their Market Potential
  • Other Insights
    • Records with Maximum Backward Citations
    • Records with Maximum Forward Citations
    • Records with maximum Non-Patent Literature References Cited
    • Industry Wise Key Statistics Report (Precision Farming Tools)
    • Citation Analysis – US5974348A
    • Citation Analysis – US10891692B2
    • Notable Mergers
    • Prominent Startups
  • Key- Findings

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