Using PatSeer to Search and Analyze Patents on Precision Medicine

This Patent Landscape Report on Precision Medicine shows on overview of patenting and commercialization of Precision medicine. The report analyses the technology, with focus on biomarker assisted diagnostics, genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, and digital healthcare technologies etc.

This report is based on search strategy for Precision Medicine, after Patent data curation from thousands of records, we come up with representative set of 7834 patents (SFAM). The main intention is to identify what entities are in a position to control access to the precision medicine inventions, as well as the scope of geographical jurisdictions and technical areas in which the breakthrough and follow-on inventions are being filed. Using PatSeer, we searched individual publications and then collapsed them to one member per Invention (Simple Families). The publications included in the report are updated as of November 2020.

Innovation Trends

The chart below shows the maximum number of patent applications (2626) having priority were filed during 2018

Geographics Innovation Growth

The chart shows comparative trends of the countries of origin for the inventions around precision medicine

Precision Medicine Priority country map

Table of Content

  • What’s Precision Medicine –Overview
    • Objective of the repor
  • Patent Search Strategy
    • Data Search & Methodology
    • Data Clean Up & Categorization
  • Technical Segmentation (Patent Categorization)
  • Trends
    • Innovation Trends
    • Technology Cycle Time
    • Trends For Various Diagnostic Applications Over The Last 15 Years
    • Trends For Various Digital Health Management Techniques Over The Last 15 Years
  • Current Research Landscape
    • Geographics Innovation Growth
    • Top CPC Classifications
    • Prominent Areas of Research
    • Technical Category Density
    • Industry Innovation Timeline
    • Inventions Current Legal Status
  • Assignee Trends (Quantitative)
    • Assignee Filing Trends
    • Assignee Innovation TimeLine
    • Current Owners Across Diagnostic Applications
    • Current Owners Across Digital Health Management
    • Application Across Different Types of Industries
    • Inventor Groups of Top Applicants for Precision Medicine
  • Assignee Trends (Qualitative)
    • Most Valuable Portfolios
    • Promising Companies
    • Potential Open Innovation Partners
  • Overall Trends
    • Industry Wise Summary Report
    • Most Cited Records
    • Mergers and Acquisitions – Precision Medicine
    • Startups – Precision Medicine
    • Key Patents
    • Summary

To view the complete report visit – Patent Landscape Report on Precision Medicine