Patent Scoring in PatSeer

Patent Scoring in PatSeer

Patent ranking helps give you insights into the qualities of the patent portfolios held by companies in a given space. You can use it to benchmark your patent portfolios against the competition and to optimize your maintenance spending.

PatSeer’s qualitative tools provide a holistic view of scoring a patent family by assessing its competitive, market, legal and technology potential.

Why Use Patent Scores?

With the increasing volume of patents in an ever-increasing technology space, it is no longer practical to manually analyse all the records in order to give them a quality rating. Tools like PatSeer can automate this analysis by considering the key contributing factors that you would normally use in your assessments. This helps you:

  • To rapidly assess patent portfolios and identify stronger or weaker portfolios
  • To help decide if you want to buy, build or license a technology
  • To find potential licensable art within your portfolio
  • To detect pioneering R&D early on and find promising new entrants
  • To optimize your patent maintenance spend by identifying the weaker patents

PatSeer Patent Scoring for a Patent Family

PatSeer evaluates each patent at its family level (simple family) against a set of different parameters. The quality scores at the family level include –

  • Citation Quality
  • Legal Quality
  • Market quality
  • Document Quality

Each individual score is first normalized for age and class. By doing this, we are essentially comparing patents belonging in the same technology space and in the same year range against each other in order to rank them. Here is a brief description of each:

PatSeer Patent Portfolio Scoring

There are two key metrics for scoring a portfolio of patents. Quality metrics that calculate the patent value at portfolio level are portfolio quality and portfolio value index.
Portfolio Value Metrics:

Portfolio Quality Index (PQI) – Portfolio Quality Index for a portfolio is derived by calculating the 90th percentile value over the patent family scores for all the families present in the portfolio. The 90th percentile value gives a good indication of where the top patents within the portfolio lie. This score isn’t biased by the overall size of the portfolio and so helps bring emerging players with higher quality albeit smaller portfolios into the radar.

Portfolio Value Index (PVI) – The Portfolio Value Index is the sum of the 360Q scores of all the families present in the portfolio. Larger portfolios will tend to have higher Portfolio Value. This score is particularly useful to see the growth of the portfolio quality over time.

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