Patent Search Strategy - Patent Landscape Search

Patent Landscape or State-of-Art is a study, as the name suggests is a study which aims to give a single platform overview of a particular field providing multiple insights to decision takers. In simple words, a patent landscape uses a large set of patents to extract relevant information useful for understanding a particular field and all of which is viewable in a single file or a dashboard.

Creating a Patent Landscape Search Strategy

For a landscape project the search terms are kept broad and the analysis set is high in volume. This is done to encompass all possible patent documents related to a cluster of technical areas in a technical field to have a holistic view of each of these clusters in relation to the field or broader technical domain. Often a detailed taxonomy or a categorization list is prepared, which forms as the benchmark for analysing and categorizing the patent documents obtained in the search with relevance to the scope of the study.

Understanding the Invention

The The field of landscape study is ‘Nanotechnology for the treatment of cancer’. The search strategy will involve Nanoparticles, Cancer and Treatment as the keywords and the related synonyms. Here, the main aim is to:

  • Identify the patents filings that have happened over the last 5 years,
  • To understand the therapeutic role of nanotechnology – nanoparticles, nanogels, nanosuspensions, gold and silver nanoparticles etc. and
  • To identify the increase of IP activity related to the major players in this field and
  • To carry out white space mapping.
Key Terms Synonyms
Cancer Metastasis OR malignant OR malignancy OR tumour OR tumor
Treatment Therapeutic OR therapy OR cure OR treatment
Nanotechnology nano sized particleOR nanoparticle OR nano scaleparticlesOR nanotechnology OR nanosuspension OR nanogels

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