Patent Landscape Report on Rehabilitation Devices

Rehabilitation Devices Report


Rehabilitation devices help in regaining independence in doing everyday activities. Advanced technologies like smart, wearable devices with real time tracking, sensor technology monitor physical activities efficiently and help in increasing the recovery process. Rehabilitation devices improve the way individual functions in day-to-day life, supporting them to overcome difficulties with thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, eating, or moving around.

Rehabilitation can be of two types – active and passive. Active phase involves active assistive movement phase to move the joints and reestablish neuromuscular control. Passive rehabilitation is used to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and to restore range of motion.

Several home-based rehabilitation devices have recently been developed. These devices can be adjusted to be suitable for home-based rehabilitation therapy based on some technical evaluation of mechatronics, software, and control system

Market size of rehabilitation device is a profitable market that is expected to reach USD 20 billion in 2026. The following report discusses the filing trends in this field of rehabilitation devices over the years, innovation trends, major industries and key players in this technology area, technologies used in rehabilitation devices.

Key questions answered in report:

  • What are the filing trends in field of rehabilitation devices in last 15 years?
  • What are the current technologies using in rehabilitation devices?
  • How is the portfolio analysis of key companies for rehabilitation devices(Qualitative)?
  • Which are the key patents?
  • How is the innovation scene and market growth?
  • Which application areas will drive the market?

Promising Companies

Promising Companies in Rehabilitation Devices

The chart shows the top companies (sorted by Portfolio Value Index). Companies like Toyota are the leaders in this field but companies like Sunrise Medical, Ossur HF, Invacare also have strong portfolios and can be strong competitors

To read the complete report visit – Patent Landscape Report on Rehabilitation Devices and Learn more about the innovation trend, patent filing trend, study of technologies and devices, quantitative and qualitative analysis of top assignees, notable mergers, and startups in this technology space.