Designing Technology Investments using Patent Intelligence

Patent Intelligence for Technology Investments


In-depth research is required before investing in a new technology. Validation in terms of technology, economy, business should be done, followed by risk assessment, patent valuation, due diligence. Combining patent information with market data will give you a good picture of technology trends and current innovations and help you decide whether you are investing in the right technology area.

Technology Validation

It involves study of patenting trends and market analysis to get an idea of the current landscape. Patent Trend Analysis is the statistical analysis of the publication rate of patents in a certain field or company which provides information about technology maturity and existing R&D investments in it. Use this analysis, to stay updated on the overall technology trends in the space. Market analysis help you identify the key competitors in the area of interest. By looking at the patent filings of competitors, you can evaluate the market potential of the technology.

Technology Investments using Patent Intelligence

Competitor Analysis

After technology validation, next step is study of competitors’ existing IP to check if they pose any threats to the proposed transaction. Find out the IP owned by other competing companies by doing a patent search of that technology space. Analyze their patents to check if the protected/claimed technologies pose any type of competitive threat to the technology you are interested in. Study of forward citations can be done to help in predicting evolution and impact of new technologies.

Hence, patents are used to get business intelligence information. By predicting competitor strategies, you can develop your own business strategies before anyone else, to counter the competitors. With thorough IP research and analysis, important decisions about technology investments are made less difficult.

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